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  1. Katie Kaminski says:


    My firm is representing Rob Slee and his new book, Time Really is Money. Rob Slee is an author, investment banker, mentor and business owner. He’s also the father to twins and knows what it takes to balance family and work. Rob has authored more than three hundred articles on private finance topics in a variety of legal and business journals. Rob’s first book, Private Capital Markets, is now considered the seminal work in finance for private companies. Rob’s second book, Midas Managers (Burn the Boats Press), describes how super-successful private business owners create substantial wealth in a global economy. Rob also authored: Midas Marketing (Burn the Boats Press) and Middle Market M&A (Wiley).

    Rob has owned equity positions in a variety of mid-sized private businesses, and he has mentored more than 100 companies. For more than 25 years, Rob has also been President of Robertson & Foley, a middle market private investment bank. Rob is also Founder of MidasNation, a community dedicated to helping business owners dramatically increase the value of their firms. He is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Miami University, and received a Master’s degree from the University of Chicago and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University. He also teaches at Pepperdine University.

    It wasn’t until he started mentoring owners on entity value creation that he figured out what it really means to work smarter. Time Really Is Money is the first book that instructs owners how to work for $5,000 per hour.

    He learned that most owners spend the majority of their time on less than $100 per hour activities. These people are tactical and thus will never enjoy business wealth. It’s just mathematically impossible to build a valuable business at such low hourly rates.

    The question was how to get busy and tired owners to first work on $500 per hour activities, and later on $5,000 per hour actions, which is where the real fun and wealth begins. The answers to these questions yielded a value creation process, which is the story of this book.

    We’d love to know if you’re interested in selling Rob’s book on your site. We are currently offering first round business deals on the sales of the book. Or, let us know if you’re interested in showcasing Rob’s work on your website. We can accommodate podcasts, interviews, blogs, etc. We are booking speaking and editorial engagements now as we’re just launching his new book. Rob can offer some promotions and giveaways to your audience — which seem to be a prime audience for Time Really is Money. You can learn more about the book here:

    Please let me know any next steps if you’d be interested in selling or featuring Rob Slee and his new book, Time Really is Money.

    Thank you,


  2. Shane Lester says:


    I’m Shane Lester, the author of The Value of Failure.

    I just published a new blog about what to say if you are asked about past failures in a job interview-
    I thought you might like it.
    Because the “what did you learn from your mistakes” question is so often asked, I hope you can share my blog with your candidates to help them prepare for an interview.

    If you every need a resource or a quote about learning from your failures I’d be glad to help or please let me know where I can be of assistance.

    Best wishes.

    Shane Lester

  3. Oneal says:

    Lucy, I mailed you a large box with my book Beyond the Classroom to be considered for the Oprah Book Club. Please email me your response!
    Dr. Oneal Sandidge(

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