Fitness Files: SLT NYC Review

If you’re looking for a tough workout with mega results you have to head to SLT which stands for strengthen, lengthen, tone. It’s been said that, “If cardio, strength training, and pilates had a baby…it would be SLT.” It’s also been said that SLT is, “Hard AF.” Okay, I said that…but it’s true. The walls even say “Better sore than sorry.”


SLT Review

The Workout: SLT is fifty minutes of sweat-inducing, muscle quivering, total body strengthening, lengthening, and toning. SLT is a total-body program that ties together cardio, strength training, and pilates. You can burn up to 700 calories in one class. You’ll learn their lingo which includes names like scrambled eggs, sexy back, catfish, mermaid, cobra, bear, and donkey kick. You do everything on the magical machine called a megaformer.


What to Wear and Bring: Wear tight fitting gym clothes. You don’t need sneakers but don’t forget your sticky socks. Bring lots of water because it’s quite the workout. Forgot a hair tie, gum, or a mint? They have them at the front desk. They have lockers with cubbies and a bathroom with face wash and everything you need to get ready. (But they don’t have showers)


What to Expect: The class is hard. Really hard. You may feel confused. Look at what the instructor and other classmates are doing. You’ll work muscles you didn’t know you had and you’ll definitely be sore the next few days. If the number of abs in the room is any indication, it works. I really want to become a regular!


I received a complimentary class in exchange for a review. This is an honest review. All images via SLT.