5 Good Beauty Products: Volume 1

I’ve been experimenting my beauty routine more and I am excited to share my absolute favorite products whenever I have five new ones to share. Let’s get started, shall we? (Oh and I added one more to start things off!)

Elana Lyn's favorite beauty products featuring Fresh, Trestique, Clinique, and Bliss

1. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser (c/o): I had read about this product before and let me tell you, it really works. I’ve switched over to Fresh skincare products and my skin has never looked better, it’s clearer, brighter, and healthier looking. Switching skincare products also cured my eyelid eczema. It was really gross and nothing was working, but I must have been allergic to something in one of my products. The Soy Face Cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin and removing makeup. And the cucumber scent makes it legitimately smells like you’re at a spa.

2. Fresh Lotus Preserve Face Cream (c/o): I never used to use creams or moisturizers, but now I see why it’s important. My skin feels more hydrated, softer, and brighter. It also gives me a healthy glow and makes my makeup blend in easier.

3. Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit Bath & Shower Gel (c/0): This body wash smells so good. The citrus scent is energizing and refreshing and the shea butter is great for moisturization.

4. Clinique Pop Matte Lip Colour and Primer in Mod Pop (c/o): I never used to experiment with lipstick because I didn’t think it would look good on me. I love the pop of color in this bright pink shade. It’s long-lasting and is a great final touch to my makeup routine. I keep it in my bag for touchups throughout the day.

5. Trestique Color & Contour Cheek Stick in St. Barths Pink (c/o): I fell in love with Trestique after the founder sent me makeup to try before writing a Forbes article about her. The products are all pencils with the tool you need like a brush, blender tool, or wand on the other side. It’s one less thing that I have to bring in my makeup bag when I leave the house or get ready after the gym. This color looks really natural and it blends in really well.

6. Bliss Steep Clean Facial: I love Bliss. Whenever I get a facial, I’ll spend the day there. I take a shower in the steam shower, put on a fluffy robe, and read a book or magazine while snacking. I love the snacks they have — I highly recommend the brownies and chocolate popcorn. Before switching products I had a few cystic pimples on my chin and my eye eczema was making me a bit self-conscious so I was wearing glasses instead of contacts to cover it up a bit. The esthetician looked at my skin and recommended the Steep Clean Facial. We did microdermabrasion, steam, some extractions, and a great mask to soothe my skin. She also gave me a back, foot, and arm massage and I got to relax on a comfy heated bed. When she noticed my eye eczema, she recommended I overhaul my beauty routine and stop using anything from the facewash brand I had been using because it might be a reaction to a chemical. Luckily, my friend works at Fresh and serendipitously sent me her favorite products so I made the switch and, while my eyelids aren’t perfect, they are so much better and the deep clean must have helped too because I haven’t had many (any?) breakouts since.