Career Profile: Rachel Piskin, ChaiseFitness

Rachel Piskin has always been focused on health and wellness. She became a ballet star at just eight years old when she was cast as Marie in the New York City Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker. Rachel joined the New York City Ballet officially at 16 and worked alongside some of the industry’s most distinguished choreographers. After retiring from ballet at age 20, she had to reinvent her workout routine to feel fit again. Rachel got her Pilates certification and decided work with her mother to develop the Reinvention Method and start their fitness company, ChaiseFitness.

Career Profile: Rachel Piskin, Chaise Fitness
What inspired you to start ChaiseFitness? What was your career path?

My entire life until I was 22 I worked toward one career goal, ballet. Dancing in the New York City Ballet, while an extremely difficult career both physically and emotionally, left me with a passion for the body and movement. Putting those two together lead me to fitness and working with my mom Lauren to create and grow ChaiseFitness as a business and fitness routine.

What are your responsibilities as co-founder of ChaiseFitness?

I am co-founder along with my mom, Lauren Piskin, so we really share the overall responsibilities of making ChaiseFitness run along with our managers and master instructors. However, we have created specific roles for ourselves in the daily operations of the business. My mom’s focus is predominately on ChaiseFitness’ private studio as well as working with our director of training, Seiji, on our Reinvention Method Certification. The training of the teachers for our studios as well as our franchise in Madison, NJ is what makes our studios unique.

We strive every day to maintain and improve upon the quality of our programming and instructors staying current, creative, and most importantly, effective. My role lies mostly in operating the studios and working with our studio managers and desk staff. I handle all studio promotions, events, and partnerships between our four NYC studio locations. I also work on developing new programming whether it is a new class type or tweaking existing classes. My mom and I both teach group classes which is sometimes the most rewarding part of the day!

What are the most important characteristics someone needs to have to be successful in your role?

Drive, passion, patience, organization, and creativity.

What are three characteristics you look for when you’re hiring a new team member?

It depends if we are looking for admin staff or instructors as those two jobs require specific skills. However, all ChaiseFitness team members need to be passionate, communicative, and hard working.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

The best business advice I received was from my mom. She taught me to empower those around you to take initiative, be creative, and make decisions. Even if there is failure, we will all learn from it and then grow from it.

What is your business advice for other young professional women?

I think it is important for young professional woman in their quest trying to prove themselves to try not to take on everything themselves. I was guilty of that early on and learned that I was much more successful by not only delegating, but learning from my wonderful team. It is cliche to say that one person can’t do it all, but it is true. The most important business advice I have learned from working with my mom is that empowering those around you is the key to your company’s success.

Images courtesy of Rachel Piskin/ChaiseFitness.

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  1. Nicole Booz says:

    “Empower those around you” is such important advice!! When we encourage each other, we all shine brighter.

  2. McKenna Bleu says:

    So awesome! How cool is that that she was Marie in the Nutcracker!

  3. Greta says:

    I’ve never heard of this method but definitely need to check it out! She’s such an inspiration!

    Greta |

  4. I love reading about girl bosses. What an inspiration!

  5. Annaliese says:

    Always enjoy these posts! Love the quote: “empower those around you to take initiative, be creative, and make decisions.”

    xoxo A

  6. nicole leigh says:

    loved reading this career profile – what an inspiring woman! the work enviornment rachel aims to create filled w/ passion, creativity and initiative is such a forward way of thinking and that’s admirable in today’s world. x, nicole //

  7. I enjoyed reading this career profile. It’s inspiring to read how she basically had an entire career (ballet career) before delving into the business realm. Love it!

  8. Jiawun says:

    Such an inspiring woman! I love that she has such passion and drive in creating her own business, and at the age of 22!

  9. Loved this. So inspiring how her career unfolded and how she really took charge of it all!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

  10. Amelie says:

    Such an inspiring story! She’s so right when she’s talking about delegating. I have a hard time doing that, but it’s true that one person can’t do it all! And it’s so much more fun to do it as a team!

  11. Amanda says:

    Great read- I love her positioning and empowering message behind her business. Always love reading about successful female entrepreneurs!

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