Blog Better: How Blogging Can Land You a Job

When I decided to start a blog, I was motivated by the need for a creative outlet. I never imagined that anyone other than my friends and family would read it. Yet my career trajectory completely changed for the better when I starting blogging. Here’s how blogging can land you a job!

How Blogging Can Land You a Job

This post originally appeared on Likeable Media’s blog. 

Here are six tips for how to build your personal brand through blogging. 

1. Brainstorm.

Many people wait for the “perfect” topic or idea before they start a blog. Don’t wait; get started. Here are three simple brainstorming exercises to help you out:

  1. Take out a piece of notebook paper and write down a list of things that you like to read, write, or talk about.
  2. Then write down the words that you would want people to use when they describe you. Use your blog and social media as an outlet for demonstrating the topics you are passionate about and the personal values you have prioritized.
  3. Now, write down a mission statement and tagline and start writing.

2. Be authentic.

Have you ever noticed that kids get really excited about almost anything they talk about? That’s a good thing. It’s so much more fun to talk to someone who is enthusiastic about a topic–it’s contagious. It will be much more fun for your audience to read a blog post that you actually enjoyed writing.  Elisabeth Kubler-Ross said: “We think sometimes we’re only drawn to the good, but we’re actually drawn to the authentic. We like people who are real more than those who hide their true selves under layers of artificial niceties.” You aren’t perfect and your blog doesn’t have to be either; people will be drawn to your authenticity and passion.

3. Be unique.

Don’t be afraid to branch out. I have grown so much both personally and professionally since starting my blog. I have had new experiences, developed new interests, and learned new skills which has consequently changed the content of my blog. You are multifaceted.  Your blog will be more interesting and relevant if you share the many aspects that make you who you are.

4. Be social.

Social media has revolutionized mentoring by providing access to influential and inspiring people (See: LinkedIn Influencers). Join the conversation by sharing your work and promoting other people’s work. Make a community for yourself by finding other bloggers you admire. For example, I use BlogLovin to “like” and share posts that I enjoy. Use social media to listen to what people are talking about, learn what they like, and adapt accordingly. When people tell me that they like my blog, I ask them what topic they like best and least, what they want to see more of, and if they have any ideas for what they’d like to see covered. The best part of this exercise is that every answer is different, and I learn more every time I ask.

5. Have fun.

Maintaining a blog takes work–but it won’t feel like it if you love it. You should blog because it makes you happy–and you just might learn a lot about yourself in the process. I started a blog “for fun.”  Then blogging introduced me to a world I didn’t even know existed; I learned that there are career paths dedicated to what I was doing “for fun,” and now I have a job doing exactly what I love to do.

What are your tips for using social media and blogging to build a personal brand? Share in the comments!


4 Responses to Blog Better: How Blogging Can Land You a Job

  1. I also started my blog as a creative outlet but since I started I also realized it’s a great way to build skills for my future career path that my job doesn’t offer. Not only is blogging a great way to build your personal brand but also gives you a way to showcase your skillset to potential employers.

    • Support says:

      I agree! It has helped me find my passion and the right job for me. I’m looking forward to checking out your blog. Thanks for reading!

  2. Majka says:

    Very interesting! Thank you!

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