Lauren McGoodwin, Career Contessa

Career Profile: Lauren McGoodwin, Career Contessa

"My story works because I’ve learned tough lessons and been told 'no.'

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The Lifestyle Edit

Career Profile: Naomi Mdudu, The Lifestyle Edit

"Growth means pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Remember, your dreams are on the other side of your fears. Courage isn’t the absence of fear but the willingness to feel fear but do it anyway. "

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5 Good Books: Volume 14

It’s a snowy day in NYC. It’s the perfect day to curl up with a latte or hot chocolate and a good book.

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Career Profile: Nur-E Farhana Rahman, Knotty Gal

"We love to frame everything in the context of an overnight success, but success rarely ever happens that way. We don't hear about other peoples' struggles enough, so when we struggle we feel like failures because we're led to believe our heroes never dealt with the same difficulties, which is just not true. Everyone stumbles, but the great get back up and keep fighting."

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