Career Profile: Kristen Bell, Actress

Career Profile: Kristen Bell, Actress and Entrepreneur

"I am incredibly lucky to have always had a great support system and a lot of encouragement to follow my ambition. I want to be that support system for people who don’t have it. My goal in life is to spread more joy and reduce suffering any way I can."

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The Essential Rules For Work Friendships

Having work friends can definitely make you happier on the job. Just make sure you don’t confuse work friends with IRL besties.

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Fitness Files: Lyons Den Power Yoga

Career Profile: Anna Auerbach and Annie Dean, Werk

"'Every peak casts a shadow.' It’s the idea that every strength has a corresponding weakness and vice versa. And this doesn’t just apply to people, it also applies to opportunities and decisions. It is actually about being mindful and balanced."

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Career Profile: Dana Bash, CNN

"Mistakes will happen. Learn from those inevitable mistakes, but don’t dwell on them or beat yourself up."

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