30 Day Challenge: 1,000 Words A Day (And Sharing My Word Count)

I have been working on my biggest writing project to date, and I have been tracking my word count more than ever. Hannah Orenstein, the author of Playing With Matches, Love at First Like, and a forthcoming book, started sharing her word count on Instagram last month and encouraged people to share with her. I started, and it has been great for staying accountable…and encouraging me to write during my morning commute and in the evening, even when I am really tired after work. It’s also fun for me to look at my progress and read the notes I’ve made.

I’m going to continue this month and try my very best to hit 1,000 words a day. I know there will probably be some days that I hit more than 1,000 and some where I hit 500, but hopefully it will all net out.

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