5 Ways A Summer Jobs Can Help Launch Your Career

Whether you spend the summer waitressing, lifeguarding, scooping ice cream, or doing an internship, summer jobs teach valuable skills that will come in handy after you head back to school.

“Career opportunities almost always come through networking, many from contacts at past summer jobs,” says Jennifer Lee Magas, a clinical associate professor of public relations at Pace University. “Your interaction with colleagues, quality of work, willingness to go above and beyond, and staying in touch are all essential elements in order to establish quality connections and get the most out of your summer job.”

Standing out from your co-workers can really set you up for your post-grad gig. “Be proactive in asking for more projects and responsibilities. Look for opportunities to assist co-workers and volunteer for assignments that interest you,” Magas says. “Put in that extra effort—you might find that it really makes a difference with your boss.”

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