The Top Career Blogs to Follow in 2019

I’m so excited that Feedspot named Elana Lyn one of the Top Millennial Career Blogs, Websites, and Newsletters to Follow in 2019!

I started my blog right after graduating from college. I spent my days, and many late nights, checking brief citations and organizing binders as a paralegal. I felt lost and started to research and write the career advice I desperately needed as I was navigating my own career and interviewed women to learn from them. As my blog grew, I switched to marketing, began writing for new publications, and started journalism school. I’m not sure what I’ll do after graduation, but I know I’ll continue to share what I learn.

The Top Career Blogs to Follow in 2019

Elana Lyn was in excellent company! Here are the other blogs they recommended:

  1. The Motivated Millennial
  2. Chelsea Kroust
  3. Lindsey Pollack
  4. Miss Millennial Magazine
  5. The Confused Millennial
  6. Marketable Millennial
  7. Millennial Boss
  8. Gen Y Girl
  9. Ashely International
  10. Nerdy Millennial
  11. Punched Clocks
  12. Optimistic Millennial
  13. The Candid Millennial
  14. Growing Forward
  15. True Kaylaisms
  16. Emily Rose

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  1. Congrats!! Great blog!! x

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