30 Day Challenge: Organizing My Calendar and To-Do List

This month I’m focusing on organizing my work life. As a freelance writer, I have a lot of deadlines for a lot of publications and it’s essential to stay organized. I’ve always used my Google Calendar to organize my deadlines for each publication, Elana Lyn, work meetings, and my social life…but it’s so much easier to map it out and make sure nothing overlaps when you write it on paper.

I started using my Lilly Pulitzer planner to write everything down and I feel more organized already! I have also always used the to-do app on my phone to keep track of my assignments and errands. I have one labeled writing, one for errands, one for Elana Lyn, one for tracking Forbes and Elana Lyn Career Profiles to publish, and one for post ideas. But writing my to-do list on paper each day lets me prioritize my to-dos each day so I don’t write my Forbes articles when something for a ghostwriting client is due sooner. This month I’m going to write things down on paper (retro?!) and find new ways to stay organized.

2 Responses to 30 Day Challenge: Organizing My Calendar and To-Do List

  1. Anna says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. I’m fascinated by readers arranging their books by colors. And I love your keyboard too. I’m excited to follow your organizing path and get inspired!

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