October 2017 Checklist

Here’s what I want to accomplish this month!

October Goals:

  1. Use RunKeeper and run 2-4 times per week.
  2. Finish my big project and send it in.
  3. Write 5 Forbes articles.
  4. Publish my first print magazine article.
  5. Pitch and write for at least one new publication.
  6. Write 5 Forbes articles.
  7. Wear my contacts and put on makeup most days of the week.
  8. Publish Elana Lyn posts two or three times a week.
  9. Run a half-marathon.
  10. Go to bed by 11:30 pm.

And here’s how I did last month!

  1. Use Runkeeper to train for a half marathon in October and stick to the plan. (Done! I deviated from the plan a bit but made up the runs on other days.)
  2. Run 2-4 times per week. (Yes! Except when I had a cold.)
  3. Wake up between 6:30-7 am on weekdays. (Sometimes!)
  4. Continue to work on my big project! (Yes!)
  5. Write 5 Forbes articles. (Yes!)
  6. Read two books. (I just finished Scrappy Little Nobody and The Good Girl)
  7. Pitch at least one new publication. (Yes! I have some exciting stuff coming soon.)
  8. Wear my contacts and put on makeup most days of the week. (Yep!)
  9. Publish Elana Lyn posts three times per week. (Yep!)
  10. Run a 10K. (Yep!)

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