30 Day Challenge: Run a Half-Marathon

I am running a half-marathon this weekend. I was never a runner but started running this year when some friends recommended doing a 10K together. (I was incredulous that I not only started running but that I paid to run!) For years I told myself I couldn’t be a runner. (I didn’t have the stamina. I wasn’t “good at” cardio. I got tired running to catch the crosstown bus.) Ends up if you silence that nagging negative inner dialogue and just start, you can do a lot more than you thought you could. After the 10K, I downloaded Runkeeper and started a training plan for a half-marathon. I’ve found that running decreases my stress and it’s more enjoyable than being inside at the gym. (Especially because I run in Central Park and stop to pet dogs, take pictures of new places I discover, and grab my favorite iced coffee at the end of my runs.) I’ll do a longer dedicated Runkeeper review post after the half-marathon. My goal for the month is to finish the race and continue using the Runkeeper plan. Wish me luck!