Fitness Files: How to Train for a Sprint Triathlon

In May I did my first triathlon with my mom. It was a sprint triathlon, which is a half-mile swim, a 12-mile bike ride, and a 3-mile run. I didn’t train for my first triathlon and the swim was really tough for me. I felt out of breath after my first lap! This time I am training for a sprint triathlon and simultaneously training for a half-marathon. (Wish me luck!) I read that when you train for a triathlon you should train for each sport once or twice a week and also incorporate strength training. I may not be following this 100%, but here’s a good plan if you also want to do a sprint triathlon.

How to Train for a Sprint Triathlon


I either go for a bike ride in Central Park or go to a spin class for 45-minutes to an hour.


I am using a Runkeeper training plan because I am also training for a half-marathon in October. I’ve only ever run a 10K and was not a runner before so I am starting at a very basic level. Right now, I am running between 3-6 miles four times a week but the training plan will increase to longer runs after the first month or two. I’ll keep you updated with a review of that training plan!


I have been taking swim classes at JCC Manhattan once a week. It has really helped me practice and learn the fundamentals such as breathing properly and learning better form. I swim for an hour once a week. (Although I should swim a second day a week too!)

If you can, it’s also helpful to practice the transitions, so going straight from a bike ride to a run or a run to a swim.

And some helpful things to have. (I linked to my favorites)

-A one-piece bathing suit, goggles, and a wetsuit if you swim in open water.
-A road bike.
-A waist belt.
-Good running sneakers.