5 Home Improvement Projects to Consider This Spring

Looking for ways to make your home function and look better while boosting your creativity? Skip the spring cleaning this year and instead look towards fantastic home improvements that can transform your living space, just in time to welcome the summer. From window upgrades to roofing renovations, gutter maintenance to building your own deck, find a variety of ways to give your house a facelift this spring.



Check Out Your Gutters

April showers bring May flowers, but many homeowners across the country find rain continues long after April has finished. Prepare for their springtime rainstorms with rain gutter maintenance. Without properly functioning gutters, rain can erode the soil surrounding your home’s foundation, splash against the side of your home, and cause leaks within your house. Cleaning out your gutters on a regular basis will help you avoid costly repairs and replacements, and ensure that those rainstorms don’t ruin your home.

Build Your Own Dream Deck

Spring welcomes warmer weather and families across the U.S. find themselves heading outside to soak in the warm rays that have been missing all winter long. Make your family’s time spent outdoors that much better by building the deck you’ve always dreamed of. As outdoor living spaces have become a must-have priority amongst modern home buyers, it’s likely you’ll find your home’s value increases significantly. Whether you create a simple deck off the back of your master bathroom or an extensive addition that offers plenty of room for patio seating and a fire pit, you’ll love the added utility in your backyard and find yourself spending long hours basking under the sun.

Upgrade Your Fenestration

Tis the season for new fenestration. This fancy word simply refers to windows, doors, and skylights, and homeowners find that upgrading these features can help reduce energy usage and your utility bills while increasing the curb appeal and temperature control of your home. Perhaps you’re interested in brightening your home and increasing the amount of natural light that streams into your living space; consider installing a skylight. They can help make any room appear larger and provide increased lighting sure to liven up any living space.

Hire a Professional to Inspect Your Air Conditioning Unit

Your air conditioner is likely going to be put through the ringer as spring moves into summer, and it’s important to ensure your system is functioning properly before the uncomfortable heat becomes too much. Consider hiring a professional inspector to come take a look at your central air system. They can help ensure the filter is cleaned out and the system is functioning the way it’s supposed to. The last thing you want is to have your A/C unit wimp out on you on the hottest day of the summer, so a little bit of preventive action is certainly in order this spring.

Give Your Roof Some TLC

With the end of winter, you’re likely noticing some roof damage left behind by the largest storm of the season and may notice areas where your paneling could use some replacing. It could be time for a roof upgrade. First, consider the age of your roof; the typical roof lasts from 20 to 25 years. If yours is older, it’s likely time to give it an update. Have you noticed missing or curling shingles? Maybe you spotted some shingle granules while cleaning out your gutters. These are all signs that your roof is due for a replacement. Replacing old shingles with energy efficient roofing can do more than protect your home from inclement weather. New technology has led to the creation of cool roofing, a roofing system designed to reflect heat and keep your house cooler in the summer. This is definitely on the more costly end of these suggested home improvement projects, but the benefits are vast and the return can be immense. You can also access financing through companies like Renovate America—making your home energy efficient isn’t a pipe dream anymore.

Looking for ways to revamp your mind and home this spring? Follow the season’s theme of renewal and transform your home into a functional, comfortable oasis your family and friends will love spending time in.

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