5 Good Books: Volume 12

The Nightingale Book Review

The Nightingale: “The Nightengale” takes place during World War Two. Vianne and Isabelle have a close relationship as sisters but they end up living together again when Vianne’s husband, Antoine goes to war. “The Nightengale” chronicles their relationship and life throughout the war and afterward. This is one of the best books I have ever read. I felt such a strong connection with the characters and didn’t want the book to end. I found myself in bed crying multiple times.

Recommended Reading: Lilac Girls

The Knockoff Book Review

The Knockoff: “The Knockoff” is about Imogen Tate, editor in chief of Glossy magazine, who finds her twentysomething former assistant Eve Morton plotting to take over Imogen’s job and turn the magazine into an app. This book is so on-point and hysterical…especially if you work or have ever worked at a startup. I did some digging after I finished reading it and people say that it might be based on Rent the Runway. There are a lot of parallels like an extravagant wedding called off at the last minute and team bonding exercises to Beyonce songs. And not to judge a book by the cover but…

Recommended Reading: The Assistants

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo: A Novel (c/o): “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” is about a classic film star who tells her life story to a young, relatively unknown journalist, Monique Grant. Monique thinks she has been selected to write a cover story for the magazine she writes for, which is odd because she is not one of the top writers, Evelyn is very private and hasn’t disclosed much about her life, and Evelyn will only be featured if Monique is the writer. When Monique gets to Evelyn’s apartment she learns that Evelyn wants her to write her memoir. I liked Evelyn’s story and the unique way the book switched from past to present. My only critique is that you knew there was a reason Evelyn chose Monique but it took forever to get there. While the rest of the book was an interesting story about movie stars, marriages (for love or arranged), and Old Hollywood, I thought it took too long to get to the really intriguing part of the book.

Recommended Reading: Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper

Eat Beautiful: Food and Recipes to Nourish Your Skin from the Inside Out: I have always been interested in the role food has on your skin. I recently majorly decreased soy (after years of daily soy lattes and lots of tofu!) and gluten and my skin became much clearer. When the publicist for the book reached out, I was so excited to get a copy. It’s full of expert-recommended skincare tips and homemade remedies, as well as an encyclopedia of knowledge about the impact certain foods have on our bodies. “Eat Beautiful” is also filled with recipes for healthy, skin-friendly foods. Yes, please!

Recommended Reading: Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body 

Eligible: A modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice: “Eligible” is a  modern-day retelling of “Pride and Prejudice.” Liz Bennett is a magazine writer in her late thirties who lives in New York City with her older sister, Jane, a yoga instructor. When their father has a health scare, they return to their childhood home in Cincinnati to help and learn that their parents are having financial difficulties and their house is in terrible condition. Their three younger sisters are somewhat self-absorbed and are not very helpful. Mrs. Bennet has one main focus: marrying off her daughters. When Chip Bingley, a handsome doctor who recently appeared on the reality TV dating show Eligible (read: The Bachelor) starts falling for Jane it seems like Mrs. Bennett will finally get to plan a wedding. And, as you probably know if you read “Pride and Prejudice” once or a hundred times, Liz meets Chip’s friend Fitzwilliam Darcy and they don’t hit it off…yet. It’s a funny modern-day satire on a classic. Take this quote for an example: “My dear,” said Mr. Bennett, “if a sock puppet with a trust fund and a Harvard medical degree moved here, you’d think he was meant to marry one of our girls.” Noted.

Recommended Reading: Emma: A Modern Retelling

Does anyone else have any good recommendations? I’m always looking for something new to read!