Love Trumps Hate

My friend Jackie put up a post about whether or not bloggers should address politics and the current election. I’ve posted on social media and subtly on Forbes, but I hadn’t posted on Elana Lyn. And it’s not because I’m not paying attention and deeply saddened, anxious, and overwhelmed — in some ways it’s the opposite. As a writer, when I publish an article or post, I want it to be eloquent, comprehensive, and action-oriented. And I’m still processing everything. There are so many people writing thought-provoking, actionable, well-researched articles that I didn’t think I had something compelling to add to the conversation online. (I’ve been talking about politics and the election with friends and family in-person.)

So instead, I want to share a few articles that have helped me:

10 Ways to Continue the Fight for Women’s Rights
What to Tell People Who Say You Have to Accept Trump’s Presidency Now
-Ways to Take Action After the Women’s March
The Normalization Trap
Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban Is Cowardly and Dangerous
Women’s March Highlights as Huge Crowds Protest Trump: ‘We’re Not Going Away’

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