The Most Popular Posts of 2016

Last year I focused more on diving into analytics to understand the posts that perform well. In 2016, the top performing posts were a variety of career advice posts and wellness posts. Without further ado…!

  1. How to do a Life Audit: I learned so much when I sat down and created my Life Audit!
  2. 7 Money Moves to Make in Your Twenties: Consider this Personal Finance 101.
  3. Tips for Waking Up Early: I was surprised to see that this one was one of the most popular posts because it was from 2014. But based upon the amount of articles I read on waking up early, it makes sense that it was popular!
  4. 20 Thought-Provoking Journal Prompts: I’m glad this one made the list because it was one of my favorite posts too. These journal prompts lead to some very insightful answers.
  5. 10 Common Interview Questions: A job search expert, Jamie Petkanics, took the guesswork out of what the recruiters want to hear during a job interview.
  6. How to Make a Vision Board: Get a stack of magazines and some glue and make a vision board for 2017!
  7. Inside the Mind of a Go-Getter Girl: This is another oldie but a goodie that got a lot of traffic from Pinterest.
  8. How to Find Your Dream Job: I’ve written a lot of career advice articles, but this is one of my favorites because it shows how to identify (and get!) your dream job.
  9. The Best Questions to Ask in a Job Interview: This article identified questions to ask in your job interview— and what you’ll learn from each.
  10. 7 Ways to Have a Better Morning Routine: Who doesn’t want to have a better morning routine?!

And the top ways people found Elana Lyn:

1. Pinterest
2. Direct referral (typing in
3. Google Search
4. Facebook
5. Forbes

What do you want to see more of in 2017?

2 Responses to The Most Popular Posts of 2016

  1. Rachel says:

    I have seen your Tips on Waking Up Early blog post serveral times on Pinterest!All of these top posts are some of my favorites, but all of your tips for job interview questions are very helpful for someone who is just now starting out in their career of switching career paths.

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