5 Good Books: Volume 10


First Comes Love by Emily Giffin

First Comes Love is a family-focused book that is primarily about how two now adult sisters work through their complicated relationship and their brother’s death years before. The primary themes are guilt, love, forgiveness, family, and friendship. I liked the book but didn’t love it as much as Emily Giffin’s other work like Something Borrowed and Something Blue.

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Walk Like a Buddha

Walk Like a Buddha applies Buddhist principles to modern day scenarios like online dating, social media, and work. It’s written by Lordo Rinzler, one of the cofounders of my favorite meditation studio, MNDFL. If you’re interested in mindfulness and meditation, you’ll really enjoy it!

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Modern Lovers, Emma Straub
Modern Lovers is mostly about marriage, friendship, dating, and growing up. Friends and former college bandmates, Elizabeth, Andrew, and Zoe have stayed close friends even as they’ve grown and evolved. Andrew and Zoe are married with a high school aged son and Elizabeth and Jane have a high school aged daughter. The main plot twists are that Andrew and Zoe’s son and Elizabeth and Jane’s daughter start dating and Zoe signs the rights to a movie about the band…without telling Andrew.

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The Girls by Emma Cline

The Girls is about Evie Boyd, a teenager who becomes friends with a girl named Suzanne and ends up becoming part of an infamous cult with a charismatic but dangerous male leader. Evie becomes entangled in the cult and her obsession with Suzanne. The book was very well-written, but it was slow paced and I kept hoping for more to happen.

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The Woman I Wanted to Be: Diane von Furstenberg

The Woman I Wanted to Be is Diane von Furstenberg’s memoir. The Woman I Wanted to Be is a memoir infused with a life’s worth of lessons from an esteemed business woman with a very successful career. If you like autobiographies of strong women, you’ll like this book.

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Does anyone else have any good book recommendations?

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  1. I’m adding these books to my reading list now!


  2. Ada says:

    I’m surprisingly only missing 2 titles from this list! Loved The Girls and The Woman I Wanted to Be SO SO MUCH! Have not read Walk Like a Buddha yet, but I read his other book, The Buddha Walks Into a Bar, and enjoyed it very much!


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