Fitness Files: Pure Barre Platform Review

Confession: When I was walking over to the Pure Barre Platform class at the Pure Barre on Columbus Avenue, I was certain I might walk into something out of a Richard Simmons’ video like the step classes my mom used to go to in the 80s. But people weren’t wearing leotards and leg warmers they were wearing leggings and Lululemon. Alas, here’s my Pure Barre Platform review.

Fitness Files: Pure Barre Platform Review

Pure Barre Platform Review

The Workout: 

Pure Barre Platform is a fast-paced Pure Barre class designed to optimize cardio results and increase total body strength. The high intensity class is a low impact cardio class with periods of lower intensity muscle-sculpting movements similar to other barre classes.


What to Wear and Bring:

You don’t need sneakers, but you do need sticky socks. You don’t need to wear sticky socks to every Pure Barre class (although you do need socks and sticky socks are highly recommended) but for Pure Barre Platform you need sticky socks. Wear what you’d normally wear to a barre class. (Right now my favorite brands are Lululemon and Old Navy.)


What to Expect: 

The 55-minute class is fun, fast, and energetic. It burns calories, speeds up your metabolism, and increases your endurance. If you do Pure Barre and Pure Barre Platform you’re getting toning and cardio. You do a lot of similar moves in Pure Barre Platform and the class still incorporates a warm up, arms, abs, legs, and stretching, but the platform and speed of the class amplifies each move. You will definitely have fun and break a sweat. (You may feel a bit lost in the first class, look at the instructor and other classmates for tips!)


The Pure Barre team was kind enough to let me enjoy a complimentary month but this is an honest Pure Barre Platform review. Featured image from Fit Fab Fun Mom all other images via Pure Barre.

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  1. Dunia says:

    This looks like a fun class to try. Definitely something to look forward after birth.
    Have a wonderful and blessed day

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