Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is a very special day to celebrate the woman (or women) in your life who have impacted you greatly. Often, we take for granted the love and care our moms (and mother figures) have given to us over the years, but Mother’s Day is one day a year specifically reserved for showing her how much we appreciate her and all she’s done—and continues to do for us. But just like all other kinds of gift shopping, searching for a Mother’s Day gift can be stressful. What says I love you while also being something you’d want or need? Your mom will love one of these creative, customized gifts.


For the Fitness Fanatic:
Give your mom a few pre-paid classes to a boutique fitness studio she’s mentioned. It’ll show how well you listen, and it’s something she may have never tried if you hadn’t taken the initiative for her. Better yet, go together!

For the Tech-Obsessed:

If your mom can’t put down her iPad and loves posting on your Facebook wall, she’ll love new accessories for her favorite devices. Get her a new phone case or a wireless keyboard that connects to her iPhone or iPad so she can stop with the autocorrect disasters (although they are funny!).

For the Sentimental Mom:

Give your mom a framed photo of the two of you. As our parents get older, and don’t see us as much, they like to have recent photos of us. To step it up a notch, consider starting a photo album for her, and print out pictures from recent vacations or family get-togethers.

For the Fashionable Mom:

Every woman loves a new handbag or pair of earrings — if you know her style. If your mom is trendier than you, email her categorized links to Lyst. Use the “max price” filter to set your budget and ask her to pick a few things from each category. This will narrows down the guesswork, but the gift will still be a surprise!

For the Doer:

Is your mom always talking about how she wishes she could learn how to do something? Get her a class so she can learn something new!

This post is written by Alicia James.  Image via Gal Meets Glam.