NYC Guide: West Side Community Garden

I love finding beautiful outdoor spaces in NYC. The West Side Community Garden at 123 89th Street between Amsterdam and Columbus is a NYC gem. Yesterday, my friend Pinsi, Camille, and I went to the West Side Community Garden’s 2016 Annual Tulip Festival. More than 13,000 tulips, spring flowers, and trees are in full bloom for two weekends in 2016 and this weekend was one of them. The Westside Community Garden is celebrating its 42nd year as a serene spot for gardeners and visitors. They have expert tours, a flower arrangement class, and live piano music at the Tulip Festival. As the pictures show, it was a beautiful way to spend a gorgeous spring day. (I had trouble choosing the pictures!)

The West Side Community Garden

IMG_5641 IMG_5635IMG_5679 13101228_10153965878200873_2018653139_n (1) IMG_5664 IMG_5648 IMG_5631 13101228_10153965878200873_2018653139_n (2) West-Side-Community-Garden IMG_5643 IMG_5621 (1) IMG_5642 IMG_5646 The West Side Community Garden IMG_5638 IMG_5621 IMG_5661 IMG_5675 IMG_5641 (1) IMG_5622 IMG_5678 IMG_5649 13140665_10153965878270873_1558322033_n (1) IMG_5645 West-Side-Community-Garden-Tulips 13101204_10153965878285873_528525359_n (1)

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