How to Plan a Perfect Around the World Party

I love throwing parties, and taking a new spin on an old idea. Themed parties like an Around the World party provides endless opportunities for party décor, costumes, and refreshments, and is simple and inexpensive to throw. Use these easy tips to plan an Around the World party perfect for any occasion: Make it a celebration to remember.

How to Throw A Perfect Around the World Party

The Décor:

There are so many options for decorations for an Around the World party. Posters of gorgeous destinations from around the globe can be found for cheap prices at, or you could print out your own shots from previous travels. Designate different areas to represent various areas of the globe. For the beaches of Mexico, you can put a small sandbox on the table; for the France section, a small statue of the Eiffel tower will perfectly accent your dishes.

The Food:

This is arguably the best part of the entire shindig—you get to serve and try different cuisines. You could order dishes from local restaurants to get the most accurate representation, your friends might bring their own recipes that have been passed down through their family, or you can pull up a recipe and do your best to emulate it. The food doesn’t have to be complicated; tacos for Mexico, a pasta dish for Italy, and some tikka masala for India. Think about your favorite exotic cuisines and plan a menu that will allow your guests to sample tastes from across the world. Set up tables in different corners of the room, or in various rooms of your house, so guests can walk through and try all the different foods.

The Drinks:

When it comes to libations, if this is a party for adults only, you’ve got a bevy of fun options to choose from. Whether it’s Coronas for the Mexican Riviera portion of your party, or hot sake for the Japanese festivities, you can spend the evening sampling a ton of different beverages that will get you out of the rut of your common bar order—you never know when you’ll find a new favorite. If you need to come up with some different drink options, head to BevMo. They’ve got beers from around the world to make it easy, or you can look up the classic drinks of choice in various countries.

The Costumes:

If you’ve got friends from different areas of the globe, or those with a different heritage than you, encourage them to wear any traditional clothing they might have. You can choose to assign countries to your friends and family and wait to be entertained by the outfits they come up with, or let them choose their preferred country on their own. Whether they show up wearing an American flag tank top from or a sombrero from, you’re sure to see a variety of outfits, they’ll make for some great photos.

The Map:

You might not be headed around the world, but your guests might be world travelers extraordinaire. Hang a large world map on the wall and add a bunch of multicolored pins to a nearby table. Encourage your friends to slide in some pins in any of the destinations they’ve visited. For some entertainment, you can pull a random pin and have the friend who placed it tell a fun story from their travels there. This will definitely encourage conversation and give you some fun ideas for future travels.

If you’re looking for an out of the norm theme that you and your loved ones will enjoy immensely, consider an Around the World party. It’s a great way to experience new cultures even if your wallet makes traversing the globe an impossibility at the moment. It will make for an occasion all of your travel-hungry friends will adore.

By Holly Tomlinson image via Eclectically Vintage.