Modern Housewarming Gifts

Buying or renting a house or apartment is an amazing life milestone, and if you have a friend or family member that recently purchased a home you’ll probably be heading over soon to check it out. Make sure you don’t show up empty-handed by grabbing one of these modern housewarming gifts that everyone is sure to love.

Housewarming Gift ideas

By Holly Tomlinson

Modern Housewarming Gifts

A Natural Setting:

Help your friends incorporate nature into their home décor with a plant that will liven up any space. If your friends are notoriously bad with keeping plants alive, consider an easy to care for succulent, or a moss terrarium that will require very little maintenance. If they’re of the green thumb variety, consider purchasing them a starter kit of Urbio products. These magnetic plant holders can be moved around easily for different looks and hung up on the wall for a vertical garden that will definitely impress any guests they entertain.

Safe and Secure:

Give them the gift of peace of mind with some security features that will ensure their most valuable possessions remain safe. Consider purchasing them a system like a Nest security camera. This cool camera will record their home 24/7 and let them access live footage from anywhere. It also gives them activity alerts, has really amazing night vision capabilities, and can be completely controlled from a phone.


A Personal Touch:

For a gift that really stands out from the rest, get your friends some personalized art. Give them a custom family tree or a photo canvas of a beautiful picture they’ve shared on Facebook or Instagram. Taking time to personalize a gift is a wonderful touch, and is sure to be a unique gift they won’t receive from anyone else. If they’re very particular about what they hang on their walls, you can personalize other items such as kitchenware with their monogram or decorative throw pillows with a sweet message.

A New Spin on a Bottle of Wine:

One of the most common housewarming gifts is a bottle of nice wine. If you want to put your own spin on this traditional gift, consider grabbing a personalized bottle from Etching Expressions. This awesome company will let you send in an image to emblazon on the alcohol of your choice, etch a personal message, or choose from some pre-designed options. Find their favorite alcohol, and you’re sure to have a successful gift on your hands.


Some Home Services:

Now that they have a new home, they’ll need to worry about a host of new responsibilities.  Take some work off of their hands with some home services for their first month. If they’ve got a huge yard now, help them figure out what to do with it and purchase them a consultation with a landscape architect, or pay for a few months of gardening so they can get settled in without running outside to cut their grass. After moving tons of boxes, the last thing they’re going to want to do is grab a mop and broom, so consider buying them a month of home cleaning services. These unique gifts take the cake when it comes to practicality, and they’re things every new homeowner has wished for at one point or another.

Evenings on the Couch:

There are few things more relaxing than spending an evening on the couch, kicking back and watching your favorite show or movie. Make sure your friends can break in their television as soon as possible by purchasing them a membership to a streaming service. These days, you have a variety to pick from, from the well-known options like Hulu and Netflix, to lesser known, but just as amazing, options like SlingTV.

If you’re heading to a loved one’s housewarming party soon, grab a modern housewarming gift they’re sure to use and love.

By Holly Tomlinson.

Images via Glitter Guide.