How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

A month ago, many of us kicked off the year with a new set of resolutions. But many of us may have already abandoned their resolutions. According to research done by the University of Scranton, only 8 percent of people who make New Year’s resolutions actually succeed in achieving them! Don’t let that be you! Here how to keep your New Year’s resolutions and become the better version of yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically through the rest of 2016.

How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions


Most people’s New Year’s resolution is to get fit. Whether you joined thousands of Americans in signing up for a gym or boutique exercise classes, there are so many other ways for you to keep up your physical health and stay motivated!

FitBit is a great option for people who want to make the road to fitness a collaborative effort! Keep yourself and your loved ones accountable by checking in and comparing notes. You can also use your FitBit to keep track of your sleep, weight, and meals.


Many of my friends have tried turning to meditation to alleviate some of the stress in their lives…to no avail. When I first started meditating, I remember feeling uncomfortable every single time I tried to “turn off” my mind. Meditation is such a personal experience and once you get past any awkwardness about being silent and quieting your mind, it can become a great way  to stay centered.

Omvana is a great app for people who are trying to get into the habit of meditating. Additionally, Deepak Chopra and Oprah offer a free 21-day meditation experience throughout the year.

Financial Responsibility: gathers all of your statements and accounts, including those pesky student loans, in one single interface. You can even set up your account to give you a summary of how you are spending your money. There are many useful features worth checking out and, as an added bonus, you can sign up for free!

GoldBean uses your spending history to match you with companies that are smart investment options. It is a personalized site that demystifies the investment process. It’s a great way to empower yourself as an investor.

Get Organized:

One of the best ways to stay sane and accomplish your goals is to be organized. The Success Planner will help you make time for what really matters. The Success Planner helps you define success on your terms and provides the blueprint for women to integrate their personal, professional, and social lives using the proven power of positive psychology. I started using it a couple of days ago and have never felt more inspired to sit down to plan and execute my hustle.

If you want an app option, Todoist is great. It is a virtual to-do list that helps you keep on track with your short term and long term goals.

If you admire someone’s organizational skills, ask them the tools that they use! If not, find a class that will help you out. I took a Skillshare that helped me get stuff done like a boss.


Whether you are traveling with friends, family, or alone, there is always a new adventure to be found!

Follow travel sites like Travel Noire and AFAR to get travel tips for your upcoming travels. They’ll feed your wanderlust, and help you have a trip you love. The app Hopper can help you save money on flights by notifying you when the prices rise or fall.

Different resources will be helpful for different people. It’s just important to remember that you are awesome and your resolutions are built to enhance the wonderful YOU that already exists so you can continue to own your success!

What are your tips for keeping your New Year’s resolutions? We’d love to now how you stick to your #goals!

By Amber Gonzales Vargas: Amber is an editorial intern with HerAgenda. She is a recent graduate from U.C. Berkeley who is positively persistent and looks to empower and inspire millennials to own their future. You can reach Amber on Twitter @ambersvida. This post was originally published on Her Agenda.

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16 Responses to How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Sarah says:

    I’m loving this post! I’ve actually been wanting a Fitbit for quite some time but haven’t taken the plunge. I also bought this new planner I keep in my purse at all times to schedule appointments, organize anything blog-related, and to keep notes. It’s helped a lot!

    x Sarah

  2. So far, I’ve been pretty good about keeping up with my workouts in the New Year…but removing tech from my bedroom is another story. I’ve wanted to learn how to meditate for a while, and that app from Omvana sounds like the perfect tool to help me!

  3. paige says:

    Great tips! I downloaded a money spending app recently because I wanted to be smarter with my money this year and it makes SUCH a difference. Now that I’m holding myself accountable for my spending, I triple think all of my purchases before spending!

    paige • eyeliner wings & pretty things

  4. Shanes says:

    Writing my goals down has been key to keeping myself accountable and staying on track!

  5. Sara says:

    Thank you so much for these recommendations! I love and fitbit and I’m excited to learn about the meditation options.

  6. Allison says:

    I love my FitBit and credit it to helping me stay active! Even if it’s just walking on the treadmill, it’s better than nothing! And I really need to check the Success Planner out!

  7. Fred says:

    Although I didn’t make any official resolutions, I’ve been focused on meditating consistently every day. I don’t have any tips on how to keep resolutions except just having the motivation. I was motivated because I was feeling really stressed at work. Sometimes you just need a kick in the bum to develop a new habit. // ▲ ▲

  8. Ashley says:

    I’ve just started getting back in to really committing to working out! This was such a helpful post for tips to make myself stay on top of it!

    xo Ashley

  9. Annaliese says:

    Yes to travel!! I can’t wait to kick off my 2016 travels next week 🙂

    xoxo A

  10. Chronicling Home says:

    This is a perfectly timed post! This is about the time when people give up on resolutions but I love how encouraging this post is!

  11. I adore my FitBit. My mom has one, too. They were a great purchase.

  12. These are great points. I rarely make resolutions because I feel like they can be setting yourself up for failure, but not if you take the appropriate precautions! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Lauren says:

    I haven’t heard of any of these apps or programs. I have heard of FitBit and I love it!!
    The Fashionista’s Diary

  14. Tiffani says:

    Theres so many resources on this list that I’ve never even heard of, but I am so excited to check them out! I think making sure I keep my travels in budget is a big one for me that I am constantly working towards.

  15. Hannah says:

    I love my fitibit! It is very motivating for me and holds me accountable!


    Hannah from HMS Jewels

  16. Sara Kate says:

    Mint is amazing! I also love Learnvest for budgeting! It just creates such accountability.

    Sara Kate Styling

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