Beauty Review: Enza Essentials Extracting System

I found myself breaking out earlier this year, and I knew I had to change my skincare routine. Coincidently, the team at Enza Essentials reached out to me and I started using their Extracting System along with their Vitamin C SerumLightening Perfection Creme, and Aczone prescribed by my dermatologist. I used everything for three months and my skin looks and feels so much better!

Enza Essentials, review

The Extracting System has exfoliating papaya and pineapple enzymes and calendula, rosemary, tea tree, and lemon leaf botanicals. The combination balances oily skin and reduce dead skin buildup. The salicylic acid cleanses, and camphor and witch hazel act as an antiseptic and antibacterial agent. I love the smell of the Vitamin C Serum! It hydrates dry skin while balancing oily skin. One of the worst parts of acne is the dark spots and discoloration that sticks around even after the acne is gone. The Lightening Perfection Creme helps to diminish dark spots and discoloration without making my skin dry.

I start my skincare routine by washing my face twice with the Extracting Cleanser, then I use the Extracting Toner, followed by the Vitamin C Serum, the Glycolic Serum, the Stress Extraction Creme, and Aczone. Once a week, I’ll use the Pore Extraction Masque and I use the Lightening Perfection Creme every other day. My routine is like a mini facial twice a day.

Thank you to Enza Essentials for sponsoring this post. This is an honest review! Image via Lulu Linden.


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  1. This sounds like a nice skincare routine! I have a lot of discoloration from acne, so I’m always looking for products to help even out my skin tone. Thanks for sharing this review. I’ll have to check Enza out!

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