NYC Guide: 5 Things I Loved This Week

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I took this photo walking on the pier after mini golf!

Governors Ball: I went to Governors Ball with a bunch of sorority sisters and we had a great time. I really enjoyed listening to the musicians, stopping at the various vendors, and trying the different unique restaurant options. My friends and I joked that if I wrote a tutorial post about the event it would be titled, How to Transition J.Crew to Festival Attire. One day I wore leggings, a chambray shirt tied to be like a crop top, and Hunters. It was a really fun weekend.

Mini Golf at Pier 25: I played mini golf at Pier 25. We had the course to ourselves and played a few games of golf as the sun set on the Hudson. It’s a great inexpensive option for a summer date (walk along the pier after) or a fun activity with a few friends.

Cafe Clover: I went to Cafe Clover in the West Village. It’s a fantastic restaurant created by a team that includes a nutritionist and a trainer. The chef creates the menu and the nutritionist works to incorporate more nutrients, decrease the calorie and carb count, and make additional healthy tweaks. They also change the menu seasonally to incorporate foods that are in season. The restaurant is also beautiful – it has a 1950’s Parisian vibe and I love anything light blue! I recommend it!

The NY Philharmonic in Central Park: I’ve gone to The NY Philharmonic in Central Park with one of my best friends from college and her boyfriend now husband for the past four years. We pack a picnic (okay, to be fair they do a better job at packing the picnic) and go to the park. This year a few other couples came and we had a beautiful spread. It was the 50th anniversary of the New York Philharmonic in the Park and there was a gorgeous fireworks show! There are a few other events this season. If you go, get there around two hours early to find a spot. We recommend bringing a picnic and enjoying a fun evening of music, friends, and good food.

New York African Restaurant Week:  My sister has been to Africa many times and recently spent six months in Malawi starting Student Driven Solutions. She invited me to a restaurant tasting with chefs representing the cuisine from various African countries. It was really fun to learn a bit more about African cuisine and to try different types of food!



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  1. That shot is stunning! The anniversary of the NY Philharmonic sounds like a fun event and a nice way to spend a summer evening. Glad you had a good week!

    Happy Friday!

  2. Ashley says:

    The governor’s ball sounds like so much fun! African cuisine sounds really delicous, it’s cool that you got to experience that!


  3. Sara Holt says:

    That view is beautiful. Such a pretty place! The ball sounds like so much fun 😛

  4. I LOVE a good picnic! And that photo is just beautiful. You are a lucky woman. Thanks for sharing your week.


  5. Nancy says:

    The Governors ball sounded like a blast, don’t you just love getting together with your girlfriends and just having a blast! I would have loved the tasting, I was born in West Africa (The Ivory Coast) and am passionate about African Cuisine…thanks for sharing


  6. Dyana says:

    You are an inspiration to me to find things to put in my week to love!

  7. Morgan says:

    I am heading to NYC in a couple of weeks! I’m thinking I should try the mini golf at pier 25! Thanks for the review!

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  8. Jordyn says:

    I would love to read a post called “How to Transition J Crew to festival attire”. Sounds like a wonderful week in New York!

  9. Brittany says:

    That picture is absolutely gorgeous! I love New York, I’ve been there twice and I can’t wait to go back and visit sometime! Love the mini golf date idea too, I’ll have to adapt that when I move to Charleston!

    xx. Brittany
    Southern Soul

  10. Kelly says:

    I’ve never been to NYC, but I’ve spent some time in the Adirondacks. I loved this post! I’d really enjoy the city, I’m sure!

    Ohio Stripes

  11. Jenny says:

    Everything sounds so much fun!
    I have only been to NYC once and absolutely love it.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  12. Such a great list! I’ve wanted to hit up Cafe Clover for such a long time, I’m glad you had a great time! 🙂

    xx | Steph @ The Lovely Essentials & Jenssen’s Designs

  13. Lauren says:

    Um…that picture is BEAUTIFUL! I’ve been actually planning a trip to NYC (I go every summer) but don’t know when I’m going yet… this makes me want to finalize my plans ASAP!

    Lauren Ashley

  14. This has me more mindful of the things i love in my own weeks! That photo at the pier is goooooorgeous.

  15. Alexis Reliford says:

    I would love to go to Governors Ball. I missed it last summer when I was in NYC. And New York African Restaurant Week sounds amazing and definitely something to add to my to-do list.

  16. Sarah says:

    All of these sound like so much fun! I’ve always wanted to go to Governors Ball.

    x Sarah

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