The March Edit

Welcome to the March Edit – a collection of my favorite things and finds this month.

Fashion: I recently discovered Spiritual Gangster and now I really want to buy a few of their positive t-shirts for the gym. A few of my favorites are: Karma Makes Me Do It, Om Shanti Shanti Om, Trust the Universe, Live in the Sunshine, and When It’s Dark Look for the Stars.



Image via Lea Michele’s Instagram

Beauty: I’ve been using Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Lotion and I love how clean it makes my skin feel. According to the site, “Mild Witch Hazel formula removes pore clogging debris and anti-inflammatory Seaweed and Aloe Extract soothe sensitive areas.” I recommend it!


Wellness: TSpheres sent me their innovative massage and aromatherapy products. I’ve actually been wanting to get into aromatherapy for a really long time and was really happy when they approached me. TSpheres are self-massage tools that release aromatherapy essential oils as you use them. (Although, they also smell great when you aren’t using them – I have one on my nightstand and one on my desk.) The combination of a message and aromatherapy makes the central nervous system respond to stress levels naturally. I like to massage my wrists and the inside of my hands with them. I even found myself bringing one along to a meeting like a very health and wellness oriented version of Linus from Snoopy. They sent me Perk Up which is a combination of pink grapefruit (reduces fluid retention, natural detoxifier, antidepressant) and peppermint (natural decongestant, improves concentration, relieves stomach and gastrointestinal ailments, natural pain reliever! I want to buy Peace and Quiet for before bed. It has lavender which alleviates headaches, anxiety, depression, nervous tension and emotional stress, it’s recommended for aches and pain, and induces sleep! They also have a special Dragon Fly yoga set that you can use as part of your yoga practice.




Fitness: I’ve absolutely loved using ClassPass this month. I’ve discovered so many fun studios around NYC. I decided to sign up for ClassPass now that my month trial is almost over. You can get $25 off your ClassPass here! If I’ll go to a class 20 blocks away at 6:30 am, you know it’s good!


NYC: I loved going to the Mast Brother’s Chocolate Factory Tour and Tasting!


Culture: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is hashbrown hilarious.


Food: The Bulldozer smoothie from Liquiteria!


What were some of your favorite things this month? I’d love recommendations!

6 Responses to The March Edit

  1. Love those positive t-shirts and the aromatherapy products. I could definitely use the Peace and Quiet set. Looks like you’ve had a great month!

  2. Sammy Ann says:

    Thanks for the tips! I am absolutely dying to try the lavender Tspheres. Right now I own a mask that is infused with lavender. It’s my constant travel companion and pairs great with Bath and Body Works stress relief ).

  3. Katie says:

    Yay! I love ClassPass too. Which ones have you taken at Exhale? Any other favorites??

    Also, thanks for the tip about the Mast tour. I love their packaging and I would love to check it out.

    • Elana Lyn Gross says:

      So many! I love their Core Fusion Barre, Yoga, and Core Fusion Extreme. Hmm some other favorites are FlyWheel, Physique 57, Pure Barre, The Movement, Beatbox, Yoga Vida, and so many more! I’ll be reviewing a bunch of them on my blog in the upcoming weeks. What are some of your favorites?

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