Fitness Files: Ballet and Body Review

A few weeks ago my friend Kait and I went to see The American Ballet Theater perform. I’ve been reading articles and watching documentaries about ballet since then. (I can’t wait for A Ballerina’s Tale about Misty Copeland.) I’m just absolutely amazed by how strong, graceful, and talented ballerinas are. I decided to try out my skills at Ballet and Body.

Ballet and Body

Ballet and Body Review

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The Workout: I went to Ballet Body™ Fitness. The class is twenty five minutes of ballet and yoga stretches followed by thirty five minutes of ballet barre. The entire class is set to music from famous ballets. I took a class taught by the founder, Roberta Senn. Roberta is a professional ballerina so you know that she knows what she is talking about. I loved knowing that I stretched and learned actual ballet moves. Roberta said that we shouldn’t take working out too seriously and that working out should be fun. I agree completely! I really enjoyed learning new skills and listening to beautiful music.

What to Wear / Bring: You don’t need a tutu, leotard, or point shoes. You can wear what you’d normally wear to workout. You don’t need sneakers but bring a pair of socks. They have yoga mats and resistance bands for the stretching portion of the class.

What to Expect: Expect to listen to listen to beautiful music and leave feeling a little more graceful and a little bit taller. Ballerinas have great posture partially because of these exercises and stretches. Roberta said that she’d know she did a good job if we left feeling a little bit taller and walking a little bit straighter. I really did. Roberta is really patient and helpful at describing the barre exercises. We also learned a bit of history about ballet. I love being around people who are passionate about what they do – and it’s clear that Roberta is passionate about dance. It makes class even more fun! You may be sore the next day but it’s because it’s a really great workout. I also really liked the stretching portion and will be trying some of the stretches at home.

I received a free month long membership for ClassPass in exchange for reviewing some of my favorites on my blog. This is an honest review. 

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  1. This sounds like a lot of fun…and it would bring back memories for me. I took dance for many years as a child, which helped me as an equestrian.

    • Elana Lyn Gross says:

      Oh! That’s so interesting. It makes sense that it’s helpful – posture is so important for both sports. xx

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