Five Ways You Can Support International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day! Here are five ways you can support International Women’s Day.

img_5051My sister!

1. Support Student Driven Solutions: This is my sister’s organization! I’m so proud of all she has accomplished so far! Their mission is to provide Malawi’s secondary students with the skills and confidence necessary to address challenges in their community through an integrated business and advocacy curriculum. Further, “Student Driven Solutions aims to provide Malawi’s female secondary students with the skills and confidence necessary to address challenges in their community through an integrated business and advocacy curriculum. We envision a world where every girl is provided the educational opportunities to unlock her potential. It is our hope that together we can help Malawi’s young women become the leaders of tomorrow!”  You can read more here.

2. Support Every Mother Counts: My friend Courtney just completed the Kilimanjaro Half Marathon to raise money for Every Mother Counts. Every Mother Counts is a non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. When I interviewed Courtney she told me what inspired her to run. She said, “For Every Mother Counts, it’s about raising awareness that there is a global maternal health crisis — 800 women die a day from childbirth and 98% of these deaths are preventable.  In some parts of the world, it’s not uncommon for women in developing countries to travel an average of 5K to get to basic care, or often as far as 26.2 miles away to reach emergency care — even when 9 months pregnant and in labor.  That’s why we’re running and raising money…to help break down the distance barrier that too many women face.  Investing in quality maternal health care is worth it because women’s lives are worth it.” Learn more here!

3. Support Global Vision International: Give back while traveling the world and experiencing other countries and cultures. Global Vision International has a series of female empowerment programs that focus on helping women around the globe receive a better education, have the chance to gain greater social and economic independence, reduce child marriages and invest in the overall future of women’s health in developing countries. Learn more here!

4. Support the Sundara Fund: You may remember my interview with my friend Erin Zaikis, the founder of Sundara Fund. The Sundara Fund combines hygiene initiatives with community education, environmental preservation and female empowerment whenever  to ensure holistic public health solutions for communities in need. Learn more here!

5. Support the Malala Fund: The Malala Fund helps provide girls with the right to education. The Malala Fund was founded by Malala Yousafzai, a sixteen year old young Pakistani woman who was shot by the Taliban because of her advocacy for educating girls. The fund, “Provides funds and support for programs that work towards Malala’s mission to make sure all girls have access to the education they deserve. Worldwide, 66 million girls are not in school, and when girls are denied an education, society loses one of its greatest and most powerful resources.” Learn more here!

International Women's Day


Images via Student Driven Solutions and The Malala Fund’s Facebook page.

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  1. What a great way to celebrate International Women’s Day. Thank you Elana for spreading awareness of just some of the many impactful organizations working towards empowering women around the world!

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