Fitness Files: Steep Rock Bouldering Review

My friend Kait and I went rock climbing at Steep Rock Bouldering, an indoor rock climbing gym on the Upper East Side.

The Workout: An instructor talks about safety and rules for ten minutes, then you can climb for as long as you want. I used to go rock climbing at Chelsea Piers so I expected that Steep Rock Bouldering would have harnesses — but there weren’t any. It definitely added an element of exhilaration (and a bit of fear). We had a great time. It wasn’t very crowded and people were very respectful about waiting for a turn and not climbing in someone else’s path. They played fun music and it was clear that there were a group of “regulars” who became friends over time. I would definitely do it again!

Steep Rock Bouldering

Wear / Bring: Wear what you’d normally wear to the gym. Don’t worry if you don’t own rock climbing shoes — you can rent a pair.

What to Expect: It was fun, challenging, and exciting. You’re climbing ten or so feet without a harness! It’s possible to climb back down most of the way but there are springy, cushy mats if you fall or jump. I definitely felt the workout the next day! It is a great full body workout.

I received a free month long membership for ClassPass in exchange for reviewing some of my favorites on my blog. This is an honest review. 

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  1. Wow! Climbing without a harness? Very intrepid! I went rock climbing on Long Island and had to take a belaying class before I could start. It was a lot of fun, and definitely a good workout. Glad you enjoyed it

    • Elana Lyn Gross says:

      It was definitely a bit scary but totally worth it! I recommend it – although I do want to also try a class with harnesses.

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