Fitness Files: Aerial Yoga at OmFactory Review

One of the things on my 5 Things to Do This Month list for January, 2015 was to take a new gym class. I had heard about Aerial Yoga and decided that was the class I wanted to try. Luckily, I was able to convince four of my close friends to come with me. We signed up for the Aerial Mellow Flow class at OmFactory. According to the website description, “Aerial Mellow Flow is a practice that uses the aerial hammock as a tool to create sacred space in the body, mind and spirit. A slow-moving Aerial Vinyasa flow gently warms the body in preparation for a series of long holds in poses inspired by yin and restorative yoga. Practical applications of pranayama and meditation techniques are often woven into class sequences as well. This exploration makes use of the aerial hammock much closer to the ground than in a general Aerial Vinyasa class.”


I really enjoyed the class. The instructor was good at explaining how to do each exercise and they had a spotter come around if someone was having difficulty with a pose. I was a bit nervous for certain positions but was so excited every time I learned that I could do it successfully. I’d recommend the class!

P.S. If you are into yoga, how beautiful is this yoga mat from Anthropologie. It’s definitely on my wish list!


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  1. I really want to try arial yoga. It looks like so much fun and it would be interesting to see how my typical mat vinyasa classes translate in the air. That Anthro mat is awesome. I’ve been looking for a new mat to brighten my practice and that one fits the bill. Thanks for your review!

    Hope you’re staying safe and warm in the blizzard!

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