5 Things to Do This Month, December 2014

It’s officially the holiday season! The radio is about to start playing non-stop Hanukkah music and people will start decorating their Hanukkah pianos. Oh, wait, I think I have that confused with Christmas music and Christmas trees. Regardless of the holiday you celebrate, the holiday season is such a wonderful time.


I’m working on my Winter in NYC List but here are five fun suggestions for what to do this month, no matter where you live.

1. Go ice skating: I definitely won’t be competing in the Winter Olympics anytime soon, but I love going ice skating in the winter. It’s such a quintessential winter activity – go with friends or as a romantic winter date.

2. Make your favorite holiday recipe: I’ve been trying to get myself to enjoy cooking and baking by trying new recipes or inventing my own. The best way to start is to start. Make your favorite holiday recipe or something new. I am going to gingerbread cookies and gingerbread granola!

3. Volunteer: The holidays are all about giving – and that includes more than materialistic things. You can use VolunteerMatch or Do Something to find local volunteer opportunities that fit your interests.

4. Take a class: I have written about a few classes I’ve taken. I love taking classes and either learning new things or improving on skills. It’s the perfect time to take a class because hibernation mode is about to start and you’ll have ample time to practice your baking, cooking, photography, Photoshop, etc. skills.

5. Clean out your closet: Clean out your closet and donate clothes to your local Red Cross or Salvation Army. (Here are my tips.) People really need winter coats and warm clothes this season. You can even start a coat drive at work!

What is on your to-do list this winter? 

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