Book Reviews: The Art of Fielding

Overview: At Westish College, a small school on the shore of Lake Michigan, baseball star Henry Skrimshander seems destined for big league stardom. But when a routine throw goes disastrously off course, the fates of five people are upended. Henry’s fight against self-doubt threatens to ruin his future. College president Guert Affenlight, a longtime bachelor, has fallen unexpectedly and helplessly in love. Owen Dunne, Henry’s gay roommate and teammate, becomes caught up in a dangerous affair. Mike Schwartz, the Harpooners’ team captain and Henry’s best friend, realizes he has guided Henry’s career at the expense of his own. And Pella Affenlight, Guert’s daughter, returns to Westish after escaping an ill-fated marriage, determined to start a new life. As the season counts down to its climactic final game, these five are forced to confront their deepest hopes, anxieties, and secrets. In the process they forge new bonds, and help one another find their true paths. Written with boundless intelligence and filled with the tenderness of youth, The Art of Fielding is an expansive, warmhearted novel about ambition and its limits, about family and friendship and love, and about commitment—to oneself and to others.(Amazon)

the art of fielding


My Review: This was one of the best novels I’ve read in a long time. My friend highly recommended it so I bought it for my trip to the shore. The book was incredibly well-written, emotional, and engaging. It is about family, finding oneself, and the immense pressure to be successful. I didn’t play sport in college, but I was in a sorority and learned a lot about myself. I gained confidence and a great group of friends so I could relate to the impact of Henry’s college experience.