30 Day Challenge: Clean Eating



I recently started reading 100 Days of Real Food by Lisa Leake. The book inspired me to try a month of eating real food. You can eat whole foods, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, 100% whole-wheat and whole-grains, seafood, locally raised meats, water, milk, natural juices, coffee, tea, wine, beer, all natural sweeteners, and more. You can’t eat refined grains, refined sweeteners (like sugar, corn syrup, cane juice, or artificial sugars), nothing processed that has more than 5 ingredients on the label, no fried foods, and no “fast foods.” The change hasn’t been that difficult so far. I’ve been cooking at home more, bringing leftovers for lunch, and bringing snacks to the office so I’m not tempted by everything in the pantry. I’ve always been a healthy eater but I’ve definitely been making better decisions when it comes to snacking and buying processed foods.

Here are a few things I’ve made:

Mexican quinoa salad with avocado, tofu, corn, cilantro, red peppers, black beans, and salsa.


  A kale salad with tofu, hummus, avocado, tomato, corn, cilantro, red onions, black beans, and balsamic vinegar.


Heated up apple with freshly ground peanut butter (you can do it yourself at Fairway) and melted almond and sea salt dark chocolate.



A heated apple with freshly ground peanut butter, honey, and natural cinnamon.


Has anyone else done a “real food” diet before? I’d love advice! 

P.S. I’ve been Pinning recipes I want to try!


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