NYC Guide: Fall Activities in NYC

These are my favorite fall activities in NYC.

1. Go apple picking and pumpkin picking.
2. Go to the NY Film Festival, if I can get tickets. (September 26-October 12)
3. Go to at least 5 speakeasies.
4. Go to 7 restaurants that I’ve been meaning to try.
5. Pick up food and hot apple cider at the Union Square Green Market
6. Watch a sunrise in Central Park.
7. Watch a sunset in Central Park.
8. Go to Highline Stargazing.
9. Go to the NY Wine and Food Festival. (October 16-19)
10. Go for a long walk in Central Park and take pictures of the fall foliage.
11. Book an appointment at Spa Week. (October 20-26)
12. Go Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center before the crowds come. (Opens in Mid October)
13. Got to 5 coffee shops that I’ve been meaning to try!
14. Get a pumpkin donut at Donut Plant.
15. Go to a beer garden or some type of celebration for Oktoberfest.
16. Cheer on runners at the NYC Marathon.
17. Go to Fort Tyron Park.
18. Watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade floats get blown up at the Natural History Museum.
19. Go to a museum on a rainy day.
20. Watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV or in person (Depending on my plans!).
21. Go to the Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe exhibit.
22. Go to the David H. Koch Plaza at the Met.
23. Go to Open House NYC.
24. Go to Cider House NYC.
25. Go to the Halloween Parade and Pumpkin Sail.
26. Go to the Meadow NYC.
27. Go to the Club Monaco Flagship Store.
28. Go to Haven’s Kitchen.
29. Go bike riding in Central Park.
30. Spend a day in Brooklyn.


1. Read 5 books.
2. Go to GW Alumni Weekend.
3. Go to at least 3 networking events.
4. Take a cooking class.
5. Go to a career development class (i.e. General Assembly) or a content strategy specific networking event.
6. Go to Waccabuc for the weekend!
7. Go hiking.
8. Write 5 more career features.
9. Get my blog professionally designed!
10. Go to Phi Sigma Sigma Kappa Chapter’s 90th Anniversary!

fall activities in nyc

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