The Best Job Search Sites

The other day someone emailed me asking about my favorite job search sites. I love when people email me asking for advice because I love to write exactly what people want to read. These are my picks for the best job search sites.

The Best Job Search Sites

I recommend the following sites:

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is not just for connecting with colleagues and posting a profile. LinkedIn has an excellent job search feature. You can save jobs, apply to jobs right from the platform, and view open positions at companies where people you’re connected to work. Use advanced search to specify salary, location, industry, experience level, and job function. Click to find out more about the position and the company. It is great for researching for an interview. Some companies have robust profiles which include videos, information about company culture, recent updates, and more. Similar jobs at different companies will also show up – making finding a job a bit easier.

Levo League: Levo League has a jobs board and company pages. Read about positions then go to the company pages to learn more about the companies hiring. You can connect with other Levo League members and mentors who work for the organization. Learn in-depth information about the company culture and values and read testimonials from current or past employees. This information can help you determine whether the job and the company is right for you.

Glassdoor: Use Glassdoor to search for jobs and find out intel from insiders. Search for jobs, view company information, and read anonymous reviews from people current and past employees. Current and past employees can fill out reviews indicating pros, cons, advice to senior management, whether they’d recommend the company to a friend, and whether they approve of the CEO. It is helpful to read through the reviews, but take them with a grain of salt because the people who fill out reviews are often only people who fall on either end of the spectrum. You’ll read reviews from people who love the company or people who hate the company. Not many people will write a review if they don’t have a very strong opinion. You can also read about people’s interview processes and whether or not they were accepted. Sometimes people say the questions they were asked, how long the process took, and whether the interview was “hard” or “easy”.

The Muse: The Muse gives you a very holistic (and beautiful) view of the companies on their jobs board. They feature companies in a wide range of industries. Use the search feature to select an experience level, location, and type of position. Click on a job to read the job description, responsibilities, and required skills, then go to the company page to find out more. The Muse hires photographers and videographers who go to the office to take photos and film interviews, giving you an inside look at what it would be like to work for the company. I referenced details I had learned in my cover letters and interviews – it definitely made it clear that I had done my research!

I hope these resources help you as much as they helped me. I also recommend checking the resources your college or alma matter has available.

Does anyone else have any good recommendations? What are your picks for the best job search sites? 

*Image adapted from Atlantic-Pacific. Featured image from Pink Peonies.The Best Job Search Sites

4 Responses to The Best Job Search Sites

  1. Briana says:

    These are all such great sites! I’ve never heard of The Muse, sounds cool though! I also LOVE, it’s one of the best “larger” sites I’ve used. Also, obviously Levo is one of my favs 😉

    Great job, Elana 🙂


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  3. Katie says:

    Great blog! For full disclosure, I work for DirectEmployers Association, but wanted to share our job search website for consideration: (yep, that is .jobs, not .com). We have over 2 million jobs from verified and legitimate employers. Users can create saved job searches as well to receive ongoing notifications of new opportunities as they come available. Cheers!

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