10 Essential Skype Interview Tips

Ace your Skype interview with these 10 essential Skype interview tips.

Skype Interview Tips

Essential Skype Interview Tips:

1. Prepare ahead of time and prepare exactly how you would for an in person interview. Test the Skype equipment in advance. See if a friend or family member could do a quick test call with you.
2. Dress professionally. Wear what you would wear to an in person job interview.
3. Use a professional sounding Skype name (like your first name and last name) and profile. Choose an appropriate photo like a headshot or image cropped to look like a headshot.
4. Go somewhere quiet with a backdrop that won’t be distracting. Choose somewhere professional like your kitchen or living room instead of a bedroom.
5. Don’t keep your eyes on the screen. Keep your eyes on the camera so that you will be maintaining eye contact with the interviewer.
6. Close all of your other browsers and programs so that there won’t be any distractions or noises. You definitely wouldn’t want music to start playing!
7. Tell anyone you live with that you will be having a Skype interview and ask them to be quiet.
8. Don’t slouch. The psychology of body language is fascinating. For example, having good posture and sitting up instead of slouching gives the impression that you are confident and in control. Don’t fidget your hands or arms because it communicates that you are anxious or bored. Crossing your arms sends the message that you are closed off, annoyed, and unfriendly. Even if they can’t see you, your tone and demeanor will still be affected by your body language. Another tip is to smile because it will make you feel and sound happier and more confident. Extra Credit: Read The Ultimate Guide to Body Language and What Every Body is Saying. Watch Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk.
9. Keep out your notes and the job description. Don’t read them word for word but if having them there makes you feel more confident, by all means go for it! You can also jot down a few notes during your interview so that you can reference specifics in your thank you note.
10. Similar to any other interview, you should ask questions, thank them for their time, write a thank you note, and follow up!