Delicious Detox Water Recipes

I have been focusing on health and wellness lately. I’ve been exercising more, eating better, drinking more water, and trying to get enough sleep. I am horrible at drinking enough water throughout the day. I prefer coffee but that is terribly unhealthy. Lately, I’ve been making detox water recipes with different fruits. I call it my “What Do You Mean I’m Not at a Spa?!” water. I researched more combinations and found a great roundup. Here are some of my favorite detox water recipes from the article and a few other combinations at the end.

detox water recipes

Detox Water Recipes:

Raspberry Lime Water:

Raspberry Lime Water

Lavender Lemonade:

Lavender Lemonade

Very Berry Lemon Water:

Very Berry Lemon Water


Lemon and Mint:

Lemon and Mint Water

Blueberry Lemon Water:

Blueberry Lemon Water

Strawberry Mango Water:


Watermelon, Mint, Lime Water:

Watermelon Mint Lime Water

Pineapple Mint Water:

Pineapple Mint Water

Grapefruit Water:

Grapefruit Water

Ginger Lemon Thyme Water:

Ginger Lemon Thyme Water

Pomegranate Rosemary Water:

PomegranateRosemary Water

Lemon and Thyme Water: Lemon and Thyme Water

A few other great combinations:

-Lemon + Lime + Mint
-Cucumber + Mint
-Strawberry + Lemon
-Lemon + Lime
-Raspberries + Blackberries + Blueberries
-Cucumber + Oranges + Mint
-Lemon + Cayenne Pepper + Agave
-Cucumber + Raspberries + Blueberries
-Blackberries + Cherry + Lime
-Lemon + Cucumber + Mint

Carrying a water bottle around with me has definitely helped! I like BKR Bottles – they are cute and small plus the organization gives back to the community! Learn about the charitable causes.

BKR Bottles


What are your favorite detox water recipes? 

45 Responses to Delicious Detox Water Recipes

  1. Stephanie says:

    What a neat post! I like the tried and true lemons and limes. If you’re trying to drink more water I also love the app called Plant Nanny which reminds you to drink more throughout the day as time passes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It may not be a detox but watermelon water tastes wonderful! I had it a a conference last summer…it is so refreshing. I have a severe allergy to organges so I have to be very careful about what I drink.

  3. Karen Williams says:

    This is very helpful thank you very much

  4. Deborah E. Hernandez says:

    Thank you so much, I can’t wait to go to the store and buy all of these things!!!! I am drinking right now pure coconut water with cucumbers, lemons, celery and ginger… Can’t wait to try your thank you!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    So do you just add the fresh fruit to the water nothing extra?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I love drinking water .

  7. Anonymous says:

    I like blackberry and sage.

  8. shayvana says:

    I love lemon, cucumber, mint will like try the other favor

  9. Becky says:

    Thanx i just love ur info very helpful & healthy God Bless u

  10. Teddy says:

    Thanks for the great idea’s on fresh flavored water! Going to try the lemon ginger thyme!

  11. Daniele says:

    This is a FABULOUS post. I tell my patients daily, several times how important it is to drink water. Your post is the most creative and pictorial statement I have ever seen. Congratulations!

  12. DaShannon says:

    I will definitely try these waters. They all look great. I think it will help me on my 7 day challenge as well next week. Thx

  13. Che' Smith says:

    Looking forward to hearing more about this topic.

  14. I drink nothing but water all day, preferring Dasani bottled water since we have well water with a strong odor and taste to it. Although I love just plain ole water I look forward to trying some of your creative flavours for a little bit of change in my life. Nice website! Jean

  15. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing with us I will try them

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much . It’s very inspiring . I love to do it . Very healthy . Love to drink

  17. Anonymous says:

    My husband and I, for 2 weeks now had been drinking water with celery, lemon, cucumbers, and now I added parsley, ginger, and mint. I noticed I lost 3 lbs. since we started. It is also helpful for my husband who has some kidney stones. Now he is drinking more water everyday.

  18. Vanessa Quaye says:

    Very interesting and valuable benefits. You need to try Kangen water. It is alkaline water with five different types of water for different purposes. Check the website

  19. Anonymous says:

    To preserve the fruit longer i cut it up in ice trays cover with water and freeze it into cubes, them i pop them out and put them in labled freezer bags it makes it so convenient to drop them it your water!

  20. Dora Morales Facebook says:

    What a wonderful idea. I happen to enjoy drinking water so this is a +. Many thanks for the water recipes.

  21. Kyp McLaren says:

    They all look delicious! However, I can’t have citrus. Any other fruity selections out there?

  22. Joyce Abel says:

    hi I have to tell u that I’m looking forward to trying these water drinks, because all I mostly drink all day is sodas not diet I have put on so much weight pulse have a lazy theyrd problem., so I’ll try them out and let u know it turns out for me ok thanks Joyce…

  23. Supathra lane says:

    I ‘d like to try. Thank you!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Thanks I will try the Detox water recipes.

  25. sherry says:

    Im drinking lemon lime mint and cucumber

  26. lena chen says:

    Wow, I love it with my first sight, you are amazing!

  27. lena chen says:

    Hi, i am lena, i am Chinese ,i always drink tea, now i think i will change my mind,thank you.

  28. pam says:

    strawberry abd lemon

  29. Arlene Meyer says:

    I drink 5 liters of lemon water a day (1 liter water/ 1 lemon juiced) It has caused my taste buds to change and now I amazingly have no more diet coke addiction and wine tastes gross. It’s funny but I just love lemon water!!!!

    Another favorite celery/lime!!! YUM

  30. Sue patterson says:


  31. Tricia Vanderheyden says:

    Thnx..gonna try some

  32. Anonymous says:

    Just a note on grapefruit infusions – check your prescriptions. Many, like diabetic medications have counter-indications to grapefruit.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Cucumber, berries, lemon, lime, and mangoes

  34. Dutchess says:

    Nice post. what would be great is to know exactly what is in each of these. Like the little sticks of some herb..what exactly so that when I duplicate I can be sure, I’m getting the right collaboration of the combinations.

  35. Kiana Barrow says:

    Great combos! Definitely a great way to make water extra special. You have a great idea going here. It would be a big hit at gyms too. You should open a Water Bar at a local gym. You could use stuff like coconut water, sparkling water, guava nectar, honey etc with shaved ice (along with the fresh fruit) and make Water Smoothies/Fruitees. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you’ll make a successful business venture of this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Also try a splash of orange flower water or rosewater. Good alone or in combination with fruits!:-)

  36. Jill Young says:

    Love the combinations you came up with, they all look inviting! I drink my Young Living Essential oils in my water everyday as they detoxify, purify and build the body. My favorites are lemon, and grapefruit oil ! I use them for all medicinal purposes as well. Would love to send you some! Jill Young

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