Fitness Files: 5 Ways to Get a Great Workout Anywhere

I went away this weekend but wanted to keep up my workout routine. I used Nike Training Club to complete an exercise class in the fitness center of the hotel. Did I look ridiculous? Probably, but I got a great workout! Here are 5 great ways to workout from anywhere. You may be traveling for work or for pleasure or maybe you don’t want to pay for a gym membership – regardless of your reasoning here are some helpful tips, tricks, and workout apps for getting a great workout anywhere.

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Get a Great Workout Anywhere

1. Nike Training Club: I use Nike Training Club when I travel. You can select the type of workout you want to do, the amount of time, and the music you want to hear. It is like having a personal trainer on the go with you. I am sure that Gwenyth Paltrow would attest to this but she couldn’t be reached for comment. The app has more than 85 instructor-narrated fitness routines as well as video demonstrations for each move. The app tracks your progress and you can unlock custom workouts created by Nike’s professionals, pro athletes, and celebrities. There are exercises that you can do in a hotel room without weights and equipment or you can go to the gym of a hotel and use the equipment. I’ve used it on vacation and work trips multiple times!

2. Run: Go for a run! If you want to motivate yourself to take up running, or run further, use Couch-to-5K. It worked for one of my best friends! I’m still on the couch part but it does sound like a wonderful app! They say that if you do it for 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week, for 9 weeks you’ll be 5K ready!

3. Fitness DVD: Pack a fitness DVD! You can find one for almost any type of workout. Pick something from Fitness magazine’s 10 Best Workout DVDs.

4. Pack Lightweight Equipment: Pack a jump rope, a resistance band, and use two water bottles as weights. Check out the Simple Water Bottle Workout from Better Homes and Gardens.

5. No-Equipment Workout: Do The No-Equipment Workout from or this routine from Lauren Conrad and Tone It Up.

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