How to Stay Organized During Your Job Search

When you are applying to a large number of jobs, it is important to stay organized. Here’s how to stay organized during your job search.

How to Stay Organized During Your Job Search

How to Stay Organized During Your Job Search


1. Make a Spreadsheet: Make an Excel spreadsheet or Google Doc to keep track of important details about the application process. I made a spreadsheet with the following columns: Company Name, Position Name, Date Applied, Date Interviewed, Notes from the Interview, Sent a Thank You Note, Followed Up, Heard Back. You can also have a column for additional notes, for example, you may want to write down whether you were referred by someone, whether you sent references, or anything else you don’t want to forget!

  1. Use Desktop Folders: Make a folder on your desktop where you will store all of your files related to the job application process. Make individual folders for each company you apply to and store your resume, cover letter, thank you note drafts, and any other necessary files there.
  2. Use Dropbox: I love Dropbox! Save files to Dropbox and open them on any computer, phone, or tablet. You can edit documents and they will be saved across all devices. Save your job application files there so that you can save, send, and stay organized wherever you are.
  3. Organize Your Email Correspondence: Create an email folder for all of your job application related correspondence. If you want to get super crazy, assign each company with a different label color and have additional labels to mark the stage of the application (i.e. heard back, didn’t hear back, followed up).

I know that the process can be long and stressful, but try to stay positive (and organized!).

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