My Favorite Television Shows to Watch on Netflix

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I binge watch television shows on Netflix. It always starts innocently enough and then I get hooked. My roommate sent me a hilarious Buzzfeed article, The 7 Stages Of A Netflix Binge, and apparently I’m not alone in Netflix binging. I don’t usually watch lots of episodes consecutively, but I’ll get into a phase of wanting to finish an entire television series. Here are my recommendations for television shows to watch on Netflix:

In you love shows about high school and college…

1. Pretty Little Liars:

Pretty Little Liars

2. Gossip Girl:

Gossip Girl

3. Dawson’s Creek:

Dawson's Creek4. Glee:


If you love shows about the government…

1. House of Cards:

House of Cards
2. Scandal:

3. The West Wing:

The West Wing
If you want to laugh… a lot:

30 Rock


1. Orange Is The New Black:

Orange Is The New Black2. Nashville:


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  1. Gross, John H. says:

    I love West Wing!

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  2. Pretty Little Liars! Yes! 🙂

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