The Levo League Summer Kickoff Party

On Wednesday The Levo League hosted The Summer Kickoff Party for an evening of festivities in honor of young professional Gen Y women.  Over two hundred women attended to network and celebrate the first official day of summer.  Guests enjoyed summery foods from Luke’s Lobster, Edible Arrangements, Whole Foods, and Spindrift.

One of the highlights of the event was the summer pledge board.  They asked women to write how they pledge to step our of their comfort zone this summer.  Here are some of my favorite responses:

  • Attend more networking events.
  • Promote my blog.
  • Step into the spotlight.
  • Cook a meal that isn’t frozen.
  • Finish my screenplay.
  • Pitch a story for publishing.
  • Create an online portfolio of my work.
  • Start a blog.
  • Introduce myself to new people.
  • Get over being intimidated and make it to a spin class.
  • Get a job I LOVE.
  • Land my DREAM job.
  • Learn french and to code.
  • Allow myself to be successful.
  • Pitch my dream publication.
  • Ask for more!

It is clear that The Levo League is made up of ambitious and driven women. Striving for success in the professional realm is challenging, but ascending as a community strengthens us all.

Yours truly.

Were you at the event?  I’d love to know what you thought!

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  1. Love it!! And wish I could have been there and what a great idea with the pledge board: “life beings outside your comfort zone”…My summer pledge would have been: to write, shoot and edit one video for L(L)

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