Queen Bee

Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs used the honeybee as a symbol of royalty.  Whether you’re adjusting your tiara or your headband on the steps of the Met you can channel your inner Queen Bee with my favorite bee baubles.

I love the Dogeard Queen Bee Necklace and especially the description, “remind yourself that you are royalty!  Raise your head up high, adjust your grown and get ready to rule the world!”

I also adore the Three Jane by Katie Schloss Queen Bee ring–there is a superstition that if a bee lands on your hand money is coming your way!

Buying these beautiful baubles should be a no-brainer.  Now all you have to decide is whether you’ll be a benevolent ruler…


The Preppy Post Grad

P.S. From Shakespeare’s Henry V

Therefore doth heaven divide
The state of man in divers functions,
Setting endeavour in continual motion;
To which is fixed, as an aim or butt,
Obedience: for so work the honey-bees,
Creatures that by a rule in nature teach
The act of order to a peopled kingdom.

Wouldn’t my prep school English teacher be proud.

Three Jane by Katie Schloss Queen Bee Ring


Three Jane by Katie Schloss


Dogeard Queen Bee Necklace


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love this! I am somewhat Queen B Obsessed so I was so happy to see this! I just bought this buzzworthy suit from modcloth (http://www.modcloth.com/shop/onepiece-swimwear/beach-honeycomber-one-piece) !! Its a swim suit but since I don’t really like water I always wear swim suits tucked into skirts or high waisted shorts! I was planning on wearing it this week, before it turned freezing cold over the weekend ! we will see if I still end up buzzing around in it this week (okay, I am sorry, enough with the puns hah!) <3



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