Lust v. Must: Love Necklaces

I collect necklaces that say love.  Money can’t buy you love but it sure can buy you a love necklace.  The lust love necklace is the Paloma Picasso pendant in 18k rose gold with round brilliant diamonds.  This necklace is part of Tiffany’s Paloma Picasso Graffiti collection and features Paloma’s handwriting.  The 18k rose gold, brilliant diamond Paloma Picasso pendant comes with a large price tag at $2,400.

Here are some must necklaces:

1. Etsy Sterling Silver Love Necklace $22

2. Etsy Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconia pendant $42

3. Etsy Sandra Lopez Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconia Love Necklace $50

4. Etsy Gold Filled Love Necklace with Cubic Zirconia $53

5. Lisa Loren Modern Gold Filled Love Necklace with Sparkling Cubic Zirconia $58

6. Erica Anenberg Love Script Necklace 22k Gold Plated Necklace $130

7. Tiffany and Co. Sterling Silver Paloma Picasso Love pendant $200

8. Tiffany and Co. 18k Rose Gold Paloma Picasso Love pendant $650

All you need is love!


Love Always,

The Preppy Post Grad